November 10 When the mail arrived, Olympia took the correspondence Sidst udgivet den 10-11-2016

The morning, because I did not see him myself . And you do not know where he went? Um ... unfortunately tumblr tits tumblr search not . Loukianos remained skeptical for a while and afterwards, thanking the old woman started to leave. But she stopped him. Excuse me, sir. Who are you to let him know when he returns? He again remained skeptical for a while, pulled out a card and handed it to the old woman. Dame, please tell him that it is essential to contact me at the address on the card . Don't worry , replied dame-Martha boobs tumblr and, watching Loukianos leaving she bent down on her basin. But as if she had remembered something, he cried out for Loukianos who was leaving.


Sir, sir... Sorry. Would you like me to give you the address where he works to find him? Loukianos shook his head disappointed. Unfortunately... neither there have I tumblr found him . Dame-Martha looked at him puzzled. You went to the shop of Mr. Fokas and didn't find him? Yes , replied Loukianos. Very strange , she murmured and her mind ran to the yesterday evening. Oh, yes , she cried then. Stephen has left me a package to porn tumblr give you . Package? Loukianos asked puzzled, but the old dame had already got lost of his eyes, to return with the parcel that Stephen had left for Paul and that she due to her chatter had not heard this name.


He took the package in his hands puzzled. Are you sure my dame that he left this package to give it to me? The old woman looked at him again in an inquiring manner. Then she bit her lips and, looking sideways, she tried to remember. But as soon as she realized that she wouldn't manage, she told Loukianos: You know... yesterday when he gave it to me it was past midnight. See, he woke sex tumblr me up from my sleep so I did not understand what name he told me. But I remember well that he told me to give it to someone who would come to ask for him today . You said it was past midnight when he left you the package? What time was it? Approximately . Well it could be half past twelve or as well one o'clock . Had he ever came back at this hour in the past? He asked fluttery.